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Alonso García Puentes is an internationally respected coach, speaker, and journalist with more than 30 years of experience in South America, Mexico, and the USA, working as a coach, professor, journalist, speaker, and consultant with top 500 fortune companies, universities, sports celebrities and political leaders.

His job has been recognized by the Congress of USA, the City of Orlando, FL, the Government of Mexico in the USA, the Government of Chile in South America, and other important organizations and Universities where he is constantly invited as a special speaker.

His professional background includes from 1990 to 2021:
Director of Cultural PR and Communication for the Government of Chile at the Army; TV Station VP in Central Florida, USA; Consultant for Political Campaigns in the USA; Developer of New Media companies; Consultant for Business and Leadership Development in top companies in USA and Mexico; Producer and TV Host of Talk shows focused in Personal Development interviewing in exclusive 1-1 top political and sports special guests; personal coach for top soccer players and Professional Soccer team, and Advisor of top companies in Latin America and USA, with direct participation supporting the campaign of business development for SBAs.

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